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Interview with Amy Garvey, author of Cold Kiss

I’m so excited to host this interview with Amy Garvey, author of Cold Kiss and the forthcoming sequel, Glass Heart. Amy and I share an editor at Harper, and when said editor sent me an ARC of Cold Kiss over a year ago, telling me I’d love it, it sat on my shelf for quite some time because I’ve never been a big paranormal reader. But then I picked it up and ohmygosh this story! […]


The Truth and Nothing but the Truth on Promotion and Publicity for Debut Authors

When I first started in publishing, there were times when I (and my colleagues) used the phrase “It would be nice, but you don’t need an online presence.” Sadly, those days are now long gone. The debut author of today doesn’t necessarily need an established presence when they sign with an agent. But they better be ready to start creating one, and pronto. In fact, debut authors need to be prepared for more than just a […]


Finding Time to Write: Making Hard Choices

Today I want to talk about writing, and what it takes to get it done. I have a very full time job, an awesome husband, a (sporadically) active social life, and I’m up to date on How I Met Your Mother. I’m teaching myself French in my spare time, I get to gym, I blog and believe it or not, my house is mostly clean. And here’s the thing: it’s hard. If you’re waiting to […]


Filter Words

This was a post I wrote back on Let the Words Flow, and I’ve taken it and updated it a bit. Why? Because it’s still a lesson I have to constantly keep in the front of my mind when writing—and even more so, when editing. That lesson is to keep the number of “filter words” in my manuscript to a minimum—especially when my story is in first person. In first person, these filter words really crop up and […]


A Tale of Two (or Twenty) Titles

Recently, Savannah at posted about how confused she was by the similarity of these three book titles: As the author of one of those books (Shadow and Bone, on the far right), I had to admit, even my head got a bit muddled. But if you take a look at the YA shelves, you’ll notice quite a few words in heavy rotation: shadow, bone, fire, crown, dark, stars. The trends seem to come in […]