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Read Critically

There’s a section in Plato’s Dialogues where Socrates is talking to Phaedrus about writing. He tells the story of the Egyptian god Theuth who, when he discovered writing, came to King Thamus and told him all about the wonders of this new art. Theuth told him it would become the remedy for memory. King Thamus, however, disagreed. In his eyes, while it was cool that the margin of error for remembering things would be drastically […]


IF YOU FIND ME Cover Reveal, interview and giveaway!

Last fall, I had the chance to read a little book then-titled The Patron Saint of Beans, by not-yet-debut author Emily Murdoch. Her novel is the story of a girl hidden away deep in a national forest, and when her father finds her, she discovers she’s been living a lie—her mother kidnapped her as a child. Now, thrust into the dizzying real world of shopping malls, high school, and boys, she must hide her darkest secret—or risk watching her new life come tumbling down. My most vivid […]


To Pin Or Not To Pin… (A Love Story About Pinterest)

So, about a month ago, I was video chatting with Sooz, and we were talking about our books and publishing and social media (big surprise), and we somehow got to discussing Pinterest. I pretty much live under a rock, so I wound up confessing that I had ZERO idea how Pinterest even works, or why I should even bother joining. So Sooz, being the awesome person that she is, explained it to me like this: […]


Writing Futuristic Fiction in (what feels like) a Science Fiction World

When I was in my teens, in the late 80s, one of my favourite Ray Bradbury stories was “There Will Come Soft Rains”.  Published in 1950, it’s a story of beautifully understated tragedy, about a futuristic-style house full of automatic functions, that keeps on functioning (cooking breakfast, dimming lights, reading poetry) even though its occupants have all been killed by a nuclear catastrophe. I was fascinated, both by the concept itself and by the idea […]


But Wait- There’s More!: Must-Read Series.

by Rachel Seigel — For almost as long as there have been books written for children and teens, there have also been series books. Authors (and publishers) have long-understood the allure of re-visiting the same characters multiple times, and as readers, we demand it. Books draw us into their world, and make us care deeply about the characters who inhabit them. These characters are our friends, and the idea that their story is finished is […]