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Goal, Motivation, and Conflict

So…GMC. Maybe you’ve heard the letters bandied about—“Oh, my hero just doesn’t have a strong enough internal GMC.” Or maybe it’s all Greek to you. G = Goal. (What is it the character wants to achieve? Or what is the character wants to avoid?) M = Motivation. (Why does the character want this goal?) C = Conflict. (What stands in the character’s way? Why can’t the character have the goal?) There are two types of […]


Perseverance – Writing Lessons from the Olympics

(Note: A 2020 updated version of this post can be found on Julie’s website at The Olympics are here! I’ve been watching a lot of the events on television, and no matter which sport I’m watching—cycling, gymnastics, swimming—I’m amazed at the level of accomplishment I see in these athletes. How did these individuals reach this level? How did they surpass everyone else in their field? Some of it is raw talent. But talent alone is […]


All in One Gulp: Books that Kept Us Reading!

by Rachel Seigel — No matter what your reading habits are like, we’ve all had at least one book that we just couldn’t put down. It’s the book that no matter where you were, or what else you needed to do that day (including sleep), it all went on the back-burner because it was that good that you had to finish it! All of us at Pubcrawl know about books like that,(and that’s not even […]


Too Edgy for Teens? Not Likely.

If there’s one thing that almost always amuses me, it’s when a writer tells me they don’t think their book could be published as YA because it’s too edgy or mature. 9 times out of 10, when I ask exactly what the content is, it turns out to be pretty tame compared to what’s already out there—heavy make out scenes! A couple of alcoholic drinks and a whole lot of cuss words! In other words, […]


On Writing Diversity

I will admit that I am somewhat hesitant to write about this, mostly because talking about race in fiction can quickly devolve into some sort of Fail. However, I do think writing race and diversity is a subject worth thinking about and discussing, and I ask that you please keep the comments cordial and on-topic. (Related to that, no tone policing or derailment, please.) I will keep mostly to discussions of race because that is what […]