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Good boys need love too.

Let’s talk about boys. There’s a lot of bad-boy love going around. Dark boys. Broody boys. Boys you don’t want to take home because they might traumatize your parents. (That, and your parents would probably try to keep you from seeing them and…I’m sure we can imagine how great that would go over with bad-boy boyfriend.) But let’s talk about good boys: guys who try to do the right thing (even if they sometimes fail), […]


Dead Languages

Dead languages! Ones like Ancient Greek, Old English, Old Norse, Old Occitan, Old Church Slavonic… It’s no accident that these examples all have “old” or “ancient” in their name. They can still be understood and read and studied today, but the key is that nobody is really fluent, and they’re nobody’s native tongue. Using a dead language to spice up a manuscript isn’t a new concept, and it’s not just in books that you see […]


Funny Books for Teenage Boys

by Rachel Seigel — Funny is in. There is no doubt about it. From blockbuster series for middle-grade such as Jeff Kinney’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid to comedic memoires such as Tina Fey’s Bossypants, we all love books that can make us laugh. That being said, after hearing from an author (who has written YA aimed at boys) that his publisher does not feel that there is a market for funny YA boy books, […]


It’s Not You, It’s Me

I will admit that lately I’ve been struggling with something: rejections. And I don’t mean mine; I mean yours. Of course, I don’t mean yours in particular; I mean yours in general. I think a lot of writers like to imagine agents and editors sitting in their ivory towers denying or rejecting prospective projects with fiendish glee. If only it were so. If I could reject with fiendish glee, I would, it would make my job so much […]


Why I Hate The Term “Literary Fiction”

by Vanessa Di Gregorio — I have an issue I want to talk about – that of the literary. Books are often categorized into genres, with “subcultures”, if you will. YA is one of those subcultures; there are YA bloggers all throughout the blogosphere, and YA communities and Twitter chats and groups galore. People who love YA enjoy talking about YA, and enjoy being around others who are like-minded. I even think that Pub(lishing) Crawl […]