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Celebrating Halloween with Scary Story Recommendations

In the Halloween spirit, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite scary stories—books, movies, tv shows, etc. After you light your jack-o-lantern tonight and indulge on some candy, perhaps you should try one of these recommendations. Everyone likes a good scare, right? Julie Eshbaugh One of my all-time favorite scary movies is The Thing. *shivers* I just need to see an image of a polar landscape and terror starts to rise up in me! For novels […]


Beginning at the End

We all have ideas that don’t pan out. The ones where putting your pen to paper has a result closer to sticking a dagger in their hearts. It’s part of the job. Sometimes it’s no big deal because you know that eventually someone else will think of it (if they haven’t already). Other times, though, it makes you ache with loss. So how do you combat sudden plot death? One almost flawless method I’ve discovered […]


All About Auctions

As we all know, acquisitions is complicated, and when I last blogged about the process, I wrote about the editorial board and what goes on in a publishing house when trying to make an offer. However, that’s all buildup, really. Part I of a three part saga, the middle part of which is when monies are actually offered. (Part III is contracts.) Today I would like to discuss Part II: Offers, and specifically auctions. The process […]


Last Call: If I Lie by Corrine Jackson

Today I’m pleased to announce a new recurring feature on PubCrawl: Last Call! On the final Friday of each month, we’ll be celebrating our Book of the Month with a quick, image-based post. Through visuals and a quote from the novel, we hope to bring the story to life in a unqiue way, enticing those who have not yet read it, to pick it up, and letting those who have read it, relive it briefly. […]


The Role of an Acquisitions Editor– Reader Question

Hello, Readers! Today I bring you a question from Wendy, a Pub Crawl Reader: Question for you: I have an author friend/mentor who is also involved in publishing. He’s asked me my thoughts/ideas on an Acquisitions Editor position. My internship & classes in publishing didn’t cover this area too much, and while I’ve learned a bit about it on my own, I could use more info. Specifically, since hundreds (if not thousands) of unsolicited mss […]