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Last Call: A Certain October by Angela Johnson

In A Certain October, a terrible accident leaves Scotty’s life in shambles. She can’t tell what is a dream and what is real. As she attempts to put the pieces of her life back together, it becomes clear that these moments may be defining ones in her life. Your turn: Can you point to a time or event in your life that made you the person you are? Like always, leave your answers below, or share […]


When The Finish Line Is So Close…But Still So Far (An End-Of-NaNoWriMo Pep Talk)

So, we have a few days left of NaNoWriMo, and for some of you, the finish line might be in sight. Personally, while I passed the 50k word mark last week, I am nowhere NEAR the end of this manuscript. Truth be told, I’m probably just somewhere near the start of the middle (Oy.). BUT I’ve written quite a few manuscripts before this (sixteen full ones, and a handful of still-incomplete ones waiting for a […]


Wield Your Words Carefully

I will admit I have a love/hate relationship with so-called “prose stylists”. I, like many editors, have a soft spot for literary fiction: I admire a well-turned phrase, am tickled by metatextual playfulness, and am impressed by striking imagery, but more often than not, beautiful prose styling is simply not enough. I’ve often read submissions (and the occasional published novel!) with exquisite prose, but whose beautiful writing eventually becomes its biggest burden. For me, good writing […]


Researching Your Story – A Four-Step Strategy

This post originally appeared on Let The Words Flow, but research seems to be on a lot of writers’ minds lately. In the past week, I’ve found myself discussing research with at least three different writers! So I thought the timing might be right to revisit this topic. Unless you’re writing a book about your own life, chances are you’ll have to do some sort of research before you can say your novel is finished. […]


Happy American Thanksgiving + Giveaway!

Since 3/4 of our members are American, we’ll be taking a nice Thanksgiving break until next Monday. So, to all of our fellow Americans out there, enjoy your turkey and pumpkin pie! Oh, and don’t forget to count your blessings and give thanks tomorrow! We here at Pub(lishing) Crawl are so very, very, VERY thankful for all of our readers! We wouldn’t exist without YOU, reading our blog and supporting us through comments/tweets/emails/etc. So thank you, from […]