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Last Call: I Am Not a Serial Killer by Dan Wells

In I Am Not a Serial Killer, John Wayne Cleaver recognizes that he has all the traits of a classic sociopath. He prefers dead bodies to live ones and is obsessed with serial killers, but he’d rather not become one. He lives his life by a strict set of self-enforced rules, all designed for his own sake and the safety of others. But when a body arrives at the morgue where his mother works, John […]


On “strong” female characters

I’ve been thinking about strong female characters a lot lately, and almost as though the universe was on to my post plans for Pub Crawl, the internet exploded with some fabulous discussions on this very topic earlier in August. Namely, Sophia McDougall’s ovation-worthy article on why she hates strong female characters. Go on and read it. It’s long, but I’ll wait. Sophia says pretty much everything that has been on my mind, and far more […]


Crown of Midnight releases TODAY!

It is FINALLY THAT TIME. The day I know many of you (myself included) have been waiting for… Crown of Midnight is OUT. It’s in the wild and available at a US bookstore near you! Thank goodness, right? If we had to wait any longer for our Celaena-Chaol-Dorian-Nehemia fix, there might be rioting in the streets. You think I’m joking, but there were literally mobs of the violent variety at Book Expo America this year over […]


Making Productive Use of Your Time

Ever since I relocated from NYC down to Dixie, I’ve found myself with both large amounts of unexpected free time and not enough to do what I want to do, rather than the things I need to do. For the first couple of weeks here, I went about everything willy-nilly–errands, homemaking, jobs, editing/critiquing, and writing–before I finally broke down and made myself a schedule. Now, I’m the sort of person who needs to have her day scheduled, from […]


Guest Post: Writing with Fear

It’s true. I am a horror writer. I do a myriad of other things, other writings, but I find more often than not this is the first thing that comes up when I’m asked either via casual dinner conversation or a simple Twitter introduction what I write. Most of what I write is dark. Partly because I have always been fascinated with horror and the rise and fall of heroes within the genre, but also […]