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The Challenge of Selling Children’s/Teen Fiction

In my years in the book industry, I’ve for better or for worse built my name and my reputation on being the fiction guru wherever I’m working. People refer to me as “the one who reads all the books” which is a point of pride (though not 100% accurate- there are many books I just never manage to get to), and a large part of my selling style. I read a book, get excited about […]


Saying Goodbye

Hi Everyone! So, I’ve been sitting on this decision for a while—months, actually. And while I hate to say it…Today is actually my last day as a Pub(lishing) Crawl contributor. It wasn’t an easy decision at all. But after looking at my upcoming various obligations, and being truly honest with myself about what things I do and don’t have the time for, it became clear that finding time to contribute in a meaningful way to […]


Crits for Water 2013!

It’s that time again! Time for CRITS FOR WATER! For the past two years, my friend and fellow writer, Kat Brauer, has been organizing and running an AMAZING charity called Crits for Water. If you don’t know what it is, then here’s the lowdown taken from the official website: What is Crits for Water? Essentially, writers donate to charity: water in return for critiques of their work from authors, agents, and editors. How long is the campaign? […]

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Interview with Jay Kristoff, author of Kinslayer

Kinslayer by Jay Kristoff was one of my most anticipated reads of the year, and before we get into the interview, I have to tell you that it was everything I hoped it would be. I was lucky enough to read it early, and you can see my review here. Short version: I literally laughed AND cried, and I love, love, love this book. It came out this week and you should grab a copy now, […]

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When To Pick Up The Phone

In an age where many people feel more confident sending e-mails and text messages as their primary form of communication,  the telephone seems to have lost its luster. It’s a shame because sometimes picking up the phone is the best way to solve a problem. I have always been a fan of the telephone and recognize how useful a tool it can be as a communication tool, so I use it frequently. As an editor, […]