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SALT & STORM Cover Reveal! (Plus insights to how the artwork came to be)

Today I (Erin) have a writing friend and agency sibling joining us on the blog. Kendall Kulper has stopped by Pub Crawl before to guest blog, and today she’s here to share the absolutely stunning cover for her forthcoming YA debut, Salt & Storm. Because I know you’ll likely scroll down anyway, let’s get to the goods first… ………… ……. … . . .   GORGEOUS, right? And the official synopsis sounds as awesome as […]


What Do You Do When Writing is No Longer Fun?

Talk to a group of writers and you’ll hear a common theme—we write because we can’t not write. It’s our passion, our love, what we enjoy doing. But what happens when we lose the joy of writing? I once started a novel I couldn’t wait to write. I loved the idea, the world, the characters. I was excited about the theme and how this novel would stretch my creatively. The first draft went well and […]


Infinite Release Day!

The day you’ve all been waiting for! The final book of the Incarnate trilogy finally within our grasp! Our very own Jodi Meadows’s Infinite, the excellent conclusion to a stunning trilogy, releases today. A satisfying end to a sweeping story of love, destruction, sacrifice, and healing. There is some seriously beautiful prose going on here, people. But I don’t have to gush: you can do it for me. In honour of this fine book birthday, […]


The Safe Zone

When I was a teenager, I wrote for myself. I had my far off dream of publication, of course, but in the actual process of writing, I could make the world melt away and focus on nothing but the story. The middle of the night would shift into dawn and I would wonder where the time went. I wrote to distract myself from important things, like homework or errands or exams. Writing was a guilty […]


Five Ways to Use Dramatic Irony in Your Writing

Do you remember the song “Ironic” by Alanis Morissette? That song always made me a little bit crazy every time I heard it, because just about everything mentioned in the song as an example of irony was not actually ironic. (Quick note: If you’ve never heard the song “Ironic,” an updated version of this post, which includes the lyrics and official video to the song, can be found here on Julie Eshbaugh’s website.) It’s like […]