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Reconnecting with Characters

Last week, I got another great question in the Misfits & Daydreamers forum (ask your own questions if you have any!): See, I move around / travel quite a bit…[and] something happens while I’m traveling that breaks / weakens my connection with the characters… I end up writing absolute rubbish, just forcing my characters — these strangers — down plots and crossroads. SO, my question is: How did you reconnect with your characters? Okay. Awesome question because losing […]


A Day in the Life of a Marketing Associate

I’ve been meaning to do a “Day in the Life” post for some time. My days (and weeks!) seem to vary so much more now than they did when I was an assistant, that it was interesting to keep track of a day and what I was really accomplishing hour by hour. While a part of me misses the old routine, it’s exciting to have new challenges come my way each day–it definitely keeps me […]



I used to do a lot of acting. I went to an arts high school, my major being drama. Acting isn’t a very big part of my life anymore, but the things I learned in drama class were a massive influence on my development as a writer. Writing is similar to acting, in that you have to connect to the characters you’re creating and that usually involves putting yourself in their shoes. This can be […]


February & March 2014 Releases!

I know, I know. These are hardly “upcoming” titles anymore, but still! Cut a girl some slack. February is a short month, and it also happens to be one of the busiest months for me, work-wise. March is almost just as hectic… and so. That leads us to this: A dual February & March releases list! I know, it’s practically April, but it feels really wrong to not point out the shiny new books that have come […]


How to Turn That Shiny New Idea Into a Novel

There’s nothing quite like a shiny new idea. It’s filled with hope, promise, the potential to be the best thing we’ve ever written, and maybe be the book that makes our dreams come true. Which is why it’s both exciting and terrifying. Ideas can come to us as nuggets of inspiration or full-fledged books complete with character arcs and plots. Obviously, if we’re lucky enough to get a full-blow idea we just dive right in […]