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Have Laptop — Will Travel

When I discovered that two of my favorite childhood authors, Franklin W. Dixon (The Hardy Boys) and Carolyn Keene (Nancy Drew), didn’t actually exist, my world turned upside down. If this is a shocking revelation for you, I’ll give you a moment to take it all in. Okay, still breathing? Good. Granted, the news may not be all that surprising considering that Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books are still being published today, around ninety years after […]


Are You Serving Your Story?

Fiction is an odd combination of skills. The craft of writing is technical, with rules and techniques that can achieve different results, yet the art of storytelling is visceral, relying on creativity and instinct to pluck the best pieces from our imagination. While the story is often what grabs us first, it can quickly get overshadowed by the technical aspects. Is the opening line hooking? Should this be first or third person? Is there too […]


Win critiques, books, and a 10-minute phone call with an agent!

Hi everyone! In case you  missed hearing about the #YARunsA5K, I wanted to share all the details here. 🙂 There is a LOT to be won (agent critiques, a Kindle, signed books, ARCs, and more! See the whole list here), and a lot of Pub(lishing) Crawlers are contributing to the giveaways (or running in our actual race!). So what is #YARunsA5K?It’s an effort to promote reading, to provide books for kids in low income families, […]


Proofing Like a Pro

Proofing is one of the last steps before any major writing milestone. About to send a manuscript to your betas for feedback? Proof it first. Turning in a revision to your editor? Proof it again. Reading through your pass pages (aka “your last chance to make changes ever!!)? Proof it with extra care! As writers, we read our own book hundreds (if not thousands) of times before it becomes a physical book. Because we are […]


Making an offer

Last month I talked about how editors approach the submission pile hoping that the next submission they read will make them fall in love. This month I’m going to discuss what happens next. An editor falling in love with a submission is the first of many steps to making an offer on the project. Every publishing house handles acquisitions differently, but I’m going to describe the typical steps I go through to make an offer. […]