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An Intro to The Art of Revision

I got asked recently on twitter for advice on how to begin revisions on the first draft of a novel. The topic is a bit much to address in chunks of 140 characters, here’s a blog post on it. First off, I do have to give a disclaimer and say that I can only talk about MY process, which won’t apply to, or work for, everyone. Honestly, I’m still figuring it out myself. So if you […]


Of Dreams and Day Jobs

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that many PubCrawlers had the same dream I did as a little kid: to grow up and work as a (full time) author/writer. When you’re six, seven, eight–heck, even a teenager, you don’t realize exactly how complicated that goal is. By that I mean, you most likely aren’t thinking about the everyday reality of being self-employed and tackling all of the headache-inducing aspects of it. […]


Guest Post: Lessons in Pentameter

In my freshman year English class, as we prepared to dive in to Shakespeare’s Othello, my teacher Jane Bidwell taught us about the four major types of poetic feet, including the meter Shakespeare wrote it: iambic pentameter.  Iambic pentameter is a set of five (pent) iambs, which is a poetic foot with the pattern unstressed-stressed, like the word re-LEASE.  So, iambic pentameter is da-DUM da-DUM da-DUM da-DUM da-DUM. Three years later, as a senior, we […]


FORGED Cover Reveal!

I still can’t really believe I wrote a complete trilogy. Or that all three books now have covers! *pinches self* Because I know you’re going to scroll down immediately, let’s jump straight to the artwork for Forged, the final installment in the Taken trilogy… And here’s the official flap copy (But fair warning–minor TAKEN + FROZEN spoilers ahead!): THE TIME HAS COME TO MAKE A STAND. Gray Weathersby and his group of rebels are determined […]


Crafting the Perfect Critique Sandwich

The topic of critique partners is something that’s been covered several times on Pub Crawl. But today I want to talk specifically about giving feedback. The best critique partner relationships occur when there is trust and respect between the two writers. If you’re working with someone whose work you despise, you’re never going to trust their feedback about yours. Similarly, if you don’t respect them as a writer, or if they don’t seem to be respectful in […]