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Guest Post: From Psychologist to Published Author with Kristi Helvig

One of the things authors are frequently asked is if they’ve always wanted to be a writer. I feel a little guilty when I see people affirm that yes, as soon as they were able to hold a crayon, they were scribbling the toddler equivalent of Dostoyevsky. What I really wanted to be was either a nun or an NFL quarterback. For a host of reasons, those professions were sadly never in the cards for […]


A Day In The Life of Author/Screenwriter Rebecca Serle

6:30 AM: My alarm goes off and I laugh MERCILESSLY in its face. Well, I don’t open my eyes, but in my head I am annihilating dawn. I roll over and turn it off and then I immediately check my email. I wish this wasn’t my habit, but it is. I have a few saying things to me like “Enjoy this time! Everything is about to change!” or “let’s do X before we’re inundated with […]

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Guest Post: Surprise Me by Sarah McGuire

The first day of school. I have textbooks neatly stacked, and syllabi neatly stacked, and the little forms where I write down which book went with which student are on top of . . . you guessed it . . . the appropriate stacks. I will probably never be more organized than that first day. The students will probably never be more quiet. And there’s this moment where they’re looking at me, and I’m looking […]


Patience & Attention Span

There have been numerous articles posted over the last several years about the shrinking attention spans of the average person, and a recent set of statistics from the Statistic Brain Research Institute suggests that the average person now has a shorter attention span than a goldfish. Millennials are purportedly easily distracted, easily bored, and lack the ability to concentrate for long periods of time. Naturally, this also affects their engagement with books, and the words […]


Bringing Your Story World to Life

When you mention world building to a bunch of writers, most are instantly going to think about fantasy worlds. Makes sense since that’s the genre that does the most world building from scratch, but every story needs a rich world, even if that world is set in the good old USA. Luckily, the same tricks genre writers use to flesh out their worlds can also be used by non-genre writers. A Room With a View […]

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