Help us make a better Pub Crawl!

Note from Erin: Hi guys! It’s been awhile since we launched Pub Crawl, and we want to check in to see how you feel about the blog and the content we provide. Maybe our readership has changed. Maybe there are certain topics we don’t cover that you’re dying to learn more about…

If you have a minute, please complete the quick survey below to help us keep Pub Crawl awesome and informative!

We’ll collect responses through the end of the month. If for some reason the survey does not load for you, click here to complete it off-site.

Thank you so much for your time and feedback.

2 Responses to Help us make a better Pub Crawl!

  1. Kim Jul 20 2015 at 8:32 am #

    That was a really quick survey—it took me about a minute and a half, everyone should take it 🙂

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