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When Good Authors Publish Bad Books

In the school market, the content of the books we sell is paramount- especially in Young Adult Fiction, where the topics don’t always fall in line with the values of the particular community. For this reason, many of our school boards have a review process in place to evaluate the suitability of materials being considered for purchase in a school. Recently, a reviewer lodged a complaint about one of the submitted books because the story […]


Remembering How to Write

Hi, my name is Kelly. I don’t write anymore. I was asked to contribute to Pub Crawl almost entirely on the depth of my industry experience. And don’t worry, most of the posts I have planned will be about the publication process. I’ve worn many hats throughout my career since starting out in 2005 typing out reader reports for a Foreign scouting agency in a pay-by-the-minute internet café in Times Square. In the ten years […]


GUEST POST: Beth Revis on Writing Advice

There is Always a Reason to Be Jealous When I was a kid, scribbling stories and beaming when the teacher or my mom displayed them on the wall, authors were as mythical as unicorns. Walking among the shelves of a bookstore felt like walking among giants. It wasn’t until I wrote my first novel that I started to think being an author wasn’t an impossibility. And that was also about the time when I started […]


Guest Post: Writing When You’re Already an Editor!

  1. Hey Kamilla! Describe THE UNICORN HUNT for me in 3 words. Wish-full, Wonder-full, Sister-full. (You didn’t say they had to be real words!) 2. Okay, now you can describe it in a sentence or two. The UNICORN HUNT explores that idea that magic exists in anything that requires creativity as well as in family relationships—specifically, sisterly bonds. 3. Where did the original idea for the UNICORN HUNT come from?  I was inspired by two things: a […]

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