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Duology vs. trilogy – a battle to the death

Writing trilogies is rather straightforward. That’s not to say it’s easy, because writing generally isn’t. As a rule, writing is difficult. But structurally, trilogies make sense. They have beginning books, middle books, and end books. Of course, generally those books must each have a beginning, middle, and end themselves. But duologies are a bit different, what with having two books. Each book gets a beginning, middle, and end, but what about the series arc? An […]


Building Blocks of a Novel: Sentences

Hi all, Julie here! This is the second post in a series. If you want to read them in order, the first post was Building Blocks of a Novel: Word Choice. The central analogy of this series compares writing a novel to constructing a city. If words are the bricks, then sentences are the walls. They provide support and structure, but they also control how a building is experienced. High ceilings, narrow passageways, walls of […]


Books to Movies

Whenever I hear of an upcoming movie adaptation of a book (especially a book I love), I have a mixed reaction. Part of me is excited beyond belief to see a favourite story brought to life on the big screen. I imagine who could play the lead roles, how the book might look on screen, and start lining up the appropriate bookish friends to go see it with. The other part of me is wringing […]


6 Hot Tips for Putting Soul Into Your Setting + A Contest

Stephanie: I love the feel of experiencing new places through reading. I adore being submersed in a scene—tasting and smelling and touching along with a character. When a story is full of vivid settings and unique descriptions, I feel as if I’m taking a magical (or sometimes terrifying) vacation. Unfortunately, setting descriptions are also the parts that I often find myself skimming, and I imagine I’m not alone. Describing something accurately is not the same […]