PubCrawl Podcast: Writing Mechanics – Structure

This week Kelly and JJ get into WRITING MECHANICS, or How to Write a Book. Starting with Structure, they discuss what makes a good story: beginnings, middles, and endings. Also, TV show recommendations.

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Show Notes

Beginnings must answer the Who (characters), the What (premise), and the When (setting). Middles must answer the Why (the point of your book). Endings must answer the How (resolution).

Books Reading/Discussed

What We’re Working On

Off Menu Recommendations

We’re still accepting queries for our query critique podcast! Please email us at, with the subject line PUBCRAWL PODCAST QUERY CRITIQUE, and we might pick your query to give feedback on in our episode! The Anatomy of a Query Letter episode can be listened to here.

That’s all for this week! Next week we’ll be covering another segment of our WRITING MECHANICS series: VOICE. Stay tuned!

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