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Trunk Novel Snippets

Talk to just about any published writer, and they’ll be able to regale you with all their novels-that-never-came-to-be. Maybe they’ll call them their “practice” novels. Or their “trunked” novels. Or simply novels they’ve “set aside for now.” Maybe they’ll only have one or two of them. Maybe they’ll have twenty. But very rarely will a writer publish the very first book they write—and then go on to publish every story they write afterward. These can […]


Guest Post: Defining Success in our Bookish World

We’re writers. We work long, hard hours, put our hearts and souls into our manuscripts. For many, writing comes after other jobs and definitely after other responsibilities. Most likely, there is no guarantee of publication. As writers, how do we define success? Is it finishing our first draft?** Editing until the manuscript shines? ** Writing and sending out query letters?** Getting an agent? A book deal? A six-figure advance? Being published by one of the […]


Memorable Fictional Teachers

With the end of the school year fast approaching in many places, it is also a time when students offer their thanks to the many amazing teachers who made a lasting impact, and are thankful to leave the awful ones behind. From Kindergartners to University Graduates, all have memories of great and not so great teachers, and in honour of these teachers we thought it would be fun to reflect on some of the most […]


Guest post: From News to Novels: A Journalist Turns to Fiction

I spent a quarter-century as a journalist writing about SEC regulations, mutual funds, tax rules and other glamorous topics before getting a contract for my first novel. The obvious assumption, among my friends and journalism colleagues, was that historical mysteries were a world apart from articles on active vs. passive investing. But now that I look backward, technical articles and novels aren’t so different after all. Some of my work as a financial journalist helped […]

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