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All You Need To Know About Sensitivity Reads

If you’re writing a story with a main or secondary character from a culture or identity different from your own chances are you might be considering using a Sensitivity Reader. So what is a Sensitivity Reader, and how do you know if you need one? Read on for some insight: What is a Sensitivity Reader? A sensitivity reader reads through a manuscript for issues of representation and for instances of bias on the page.  The […]

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Award Bias

It’s time once again for book award season, and as usual, there is much discussion about snubs, surprise nominations, and familiar faces appearing on these lists. As most of us would agree, taste is subjective, and one person’s gem can easily be another person’s flop. I know I’ve definitely questioned the presence/absence of more than one title over the years on the awards circuit, and have been disappointed when a favourite title just doesn’t seem […]


Writing Under Contract

I am writing book 2. And I am in agony. Everyone told me that writing your second book (first book under contract) would be much, much harder than writing your debut. I knew to expect it, knew that it would be likely I’d be grappling with doubt and imposter syndrome, and yet here I am in the middle of writing book 2, feeling completely blindsided by the process. Even though I knew this was coming, […]


PubCrawl Podcast – Transformative Adaptations

This week JJ and Kelly continue their discussion about adaptations, moving on to TRANSFORMATIVE ADAPTATIONS. Their definition is a little…loose, but essentially they consider transformative adaptations those that take the source material and transform it into something entirely different by shifting the focus, or else changing the meaning of the source material. WARNING: WE SPOIL THE HECK OUT OF WICKED (both the book and the musical) SO LISTEN WITH CAUTION.

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