Happy Thanksgiving! We are Thankful for Passionate Readers

Hi all, Julie here! Today’s post was originally shared in a slightly different form on my personal blog. I want to thank two marvelous book bloggers, Mishma and Hazel, for inviting me to be part of their THE THANKS U GIVE blog event! My original post was drafted as part of that event, which encourages members of the online book community to share what they are thankful for. You can learn more about it, and read all the posts, here. There’s also a giveaway, so make sure you check it out!

I have always been a reader. Throughout my life, I’ve fallen in love with one book after another, rearranging my shelves so that my favorite-of-the-moment gets the best spot. When I really love a book, just the sight of the cover will make me happy. I try to keep my room arranged so I can see the cover of several favorite books when I open my eyes in the morning.

I guess this is just a long way of saying I’m a reader who loves a good book. Yet, since becoming a published author, I’ve learned that there are different degrees of book love. Since Ivory and Bone sold to HarperTeen, I’ve had the chance to meet readers who transcend the title “book lover.” I’ve met people who define a completely different level of reader.

I call them “passionate readers.” And believe me, AUTHORS ARE TRULY THANKFUL FOR PASSIONATE READERS!

Many readers in the passionate category have book blogs. Some have booktube channels on Youtube. Some have bookstagrams. Some have all of these things!

Why am I thankful for passionate readers?

  • Passionate readers spread positive enthusiasm for books!
  • Passionate readers travel (sometimes great distances) to meet an author in person!
  • Passionate readers like, share, and favorite on social media!
  • Passionate readers write reviews and tell it like it is—what they liked and what they didn’t like!
  • Passionate readers vote for their favorite books in contests!
  • Passionate readers share the agony of the long wait until release day!
  • Passionate readers write fanfic and draw fan art to celebrate their favorite books!
  • Passionate readers tell their friends about the books they’ve discovered!

Through this incredible debut year, I’ve discovered a lot about writing and publishing. I’ve celebrated my release and other successes along the way. But I’ve also had dark moments when I’ve felt totally exhausted by the process. When the task has become overwhelming.

And when I’ve felt like smashing my laptop and giving up on the whole mess, it’s always been a passionate reader who has come to my rescue.

A blog post or review or just an enthusiast tweet about my book from a passionate reader can be the lifeline that keeps me going.

So THANK YOU passionate readers! This Thanksgiving, we want you all to know how much YOU are appreciated!


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