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Revising With Julie, Part Three: Getting Eyes On Your Work

Hello! I am doing a series that is all about revising books and I hope you’ll check out the other posts. This is the third part of the series, and you can find the first part here and the second part here.   Welcome back! Today I’m going to be talking about how to get eyes on your work. To lead in, I’d like to share some realities of getting published: Your book no longer belongs […]

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Building an Author Website Before the Agent and the Book

Stock photo via Pexels I talk about author websites on Twitter Dot Com fairly often (as do my rockstar friends Patrice Caldwell and Dahlia Adler, both of whom you should be following for brilliant advice), and for a good reason. As someone who is involved in the industry as an agent, they’re so wildly important. They serve as a landing page for you, as a writer. And down the line, when your book is out […]

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