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Perfect is the Enemy of Good

Like a lot of writers, I wrestle with bouts of depression and anxiety. And by “wrestle,” I mean: when they come for me fully-loaded with self-doubt and frustration and exhaustion, I have to strong-arm the feelings back to get any work done and get on with life, when this happens I buy the best CBD gummies for anxiety to calm me down, is one of the best things. I say that casually, I guess, but some […]


“Stealing” Careers

A few weeks ago, while bumming around on Tumblr, I came across a GIF set of Natalie Dormer (she of Tudors and Game of Thrones fame) answering the question: If you could steal someone else’s career, who would it be and why? I immediately searched on Youtube until I found the original video. Her answer is at the 0:15 second mark. I’m including the video because I love her/she’s brilliant/she reminds me of a cat that lovingly leaves you murder presents, […]


What to Watch this Weekend: Book-to-Film Adaptations

A few months ago, while sitting in a weekly meeting with the Sales team to go over numbers and publicity and marketing plans for books, a question came up about why two of our backlist titles suddenly jumped up in sales. A few people chalked it up to summer reading starting in a few months, but I wondered–did it have anything to do with the fact both of these books’ film adaptations were added to […]

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Of Dreams and Day Jobs

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that many PubCrawlers had the same dream I did as a little kid: to grow up and work as a (full time) author/writer. When you’re six, seven, eight–heck, even a teenager, you don’t realize exactly how complicated that goal is. By that I mean, you most likely aren’t thinking about the everyday reality of being self-employed and tackling all of the headache-inducing aspects of it. […]


Digital Marketing – An interview with Anna Jarzab

It probably won’t surprise you all to hear that, over the past seven or so years, digital marketing has become a critical component to how publishers approach putting their books in the hands of readers–especially YA fiction. I’m very pleased that my good pal Anna Jarzab who, in addition to be a published author, is a Digital and Social Marketing Manager for Penguin Young Readers Group, has agreed to stop by today and give us […]