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Puppy Love

I’ve been working on a first draft in the past few weeks and my characters are, rather obnoxiously, falling in love with the wrong people. Nothing is going as planned between them emotionally, and it’s reminding me of the old, often frustrating adage of “The characters write themselves.” That being said, while doing some snooping around for things about writing and love, and after another read-through of Erin’s love triangle post from a few weeks […]


Dialogue Fun

There’s something I used to do when I found myself lacking in inspiration, and since these past couple of weeks have seen my muse annoyingly silent, I’ve dragged it back out into the light of day. It’s a pretty fun exercise, and helps get my imagination going. I got the idea years ago, back when I was still in an arts high school as a drama major. Reading plays and interpreting dialogue was a big […]


Interview with Don Taylor, Bookbinder

I had the pleasure of interviewing Don Taylor recently, a bookbinder based in Toronto. Don’s been in the industry for thirty years, his work ranging from personal publications under Pointyhead Press, collaborations with colleagues, design book bindings, and, of course, book restorations. So without further ado, here he is! Let’s start with something easy! What’s the oldest thing you’ve restored? Well, for several years I worked on a collection of medieval manuscripts, mostly brought to […]


Beginning at the End

We all have ideas that don’t pan out. The ones where putting your pen to paper has a result closer to sticking a dagger in their hearts. It’s part of the job. Sometimes it’s no big deal because you know that eventually someone else will think of it (if they haven’t already). Other times, though, it makes you ache with loss. So how do you combat sudden plot death? One almost flawless method I’ve discovered […]


Visiting Kat Zhang

Let’s start the week off with something fun and simple, then! I had the wonderful pleasure of visiting Kat Zhang in Nashville, Tennessee over the weekend, and hot damn but it was a good time. Every night was a booze-filled techno-fest and every morning began at 1pm. We burned cash at casinos and sang Patsy Cline karaoke. We tripped down streets in early hours and watched the sunrise. We talked all about the other lies […]