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Dead Languages

Dead languages! Ones like Ancient Greek, Old English, Old Norse, Old Occitan, Old Church Slavonic… It’s no accident that these examples all have “old” or “ancient” in their name. They can still be understood and read and studied today, but the key is that nobody is really fluent, and they’re nobody’s native tongue. Using a dead language to spice up a manuscript isn’t a new concept, and it’s not just in books that you see […]


Sketchy Maps

A big part of world building for me is the actual land and geography of where the story takes place, which I’m sure goes for most people. So some problems arise when the world my story takes place in doesn’t exist. I’ve just recently started writing my first real, alternate-world fantasy, which includes having to come up with a totally new land. And to be honest, I floundered. I had ideas of where I wanted […]


Guest Post: Beginners Guide To Hiring A Freelance Editor

So you’ve got a book that you’ve worked hard on and you’re thinking of hiring a freelance editor, but where do you start? Hopefully you begin looking a month or two before you actually need an editor (which should be after you’ve done your own revisions first). As you can imagine, editing takes a while and editors frequently book up months in advance. For some of the higher profile editors, it’s not unusual to have […]


Read Critically

There’s a section in Plato’s Dialogues where Socrates is talking to Phaedrus about writing. He tells the story of the Egyptian god Theuth who, when he discovered writing, came to King Thamus and told him all about the wonders of this new art. Theuth told him it would become the remedy for memory. King Thamus, however, disagreed. In his eyes, while it was cool that the margin of error for remembering things would be drastically […]


Tone Down the Nobility

Let’s talk about nobility. Not the kind that’s bought with old blood and farmlands, but the kind that’s intrinsic and rare to come by, that will always set aside selfish desires to do what is Right. This nobility will stay a sword at an execution and allow for another chance. It will be wildly protective of all that it loves, and all that it loves will be pure and equally noble. In life-threatening situations, it […]