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Guest Post: Choosing the Right Pen

When I saw the interior design for my upcoming debut novel, I was thrilled. The title page is all black, starry skies, with stylish white text—it’s gorgeous. It meant I’d have a lot more trouble finding a proper signing pen, though, and I thought I’d share my findings here for anyone in the same boat. My demands were this: The pen should show up well on dark paper. If possible, it should work on smooth/glossy […]


Choosing Your Own Adventures

One of my favorite parts of writing happens when I’m not writing. You know, those moments during the day when you’re thinking about, maybe even dreaming about, the story or the characters in your work in progress. I love brainstorming, whether it’s my own book or someone else’s work, because there’s a sense of play to it; you aren’t committing anything to paper yet, so it doesn’t take much work. (It also may not feel […]


Every Book is Different

I love reading about authors’ writing processes. Even though I’ve been writing for a long time and publishing for a little while, I still read blog posts and books on writing all the time. I look forward to interviews that ask authors about how they wrote and revised their books. And occasionally I’m asked, “What’s your writing process?” As it turns out, there’s no simple answer to that question. The first thing you realize when […]