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How I Edit

I thought that for today’s Industry Life post, I would provide a bit of a rundown on my editorial process. Editing is one of my favourite things to do in the world (good thing I work in publishing); there’s nothing I like more than looking at a manuscript and figuring out how to tease out the writer’s voice in such a way as to tell the best story possible. Every editor has a different editorial […]


Bringing Your Baby to Editorial Board

Have you ever heard the phrase “they’re taking your project to editorial board” before? Have you ever wondered what that meant? Well wonder no more, my friends, as I’m going to take you through the dreaded and frightening Acquisitions Process. It seems that everyone at every level in the industry has a “gatekeeper” they feel they must need to pass: writers think of agents, agents think of editors, and editors think of their publishers. I […]


Special Friday the 13th Question: Superstitions

Rachel Seigel My biggest superstition is the “knock on wood” expression. I probably over-use it to be honest, but some part of me thinks if I don’t say it I’ll jinx myself! I also don’t know if you can call it a supersition exactly, but if I’m out at night I always look for a star and wish for the thing I most want to have happen. I suppose it’s superstitious because I sort of […]