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Introducing: Stacey Lee and Stephanie Garber!

How did you two meet? Stacey: We were both mentors in Brenda Drake’s Pitch Wars, a writer’s contest where mentors choose an unagented writer to work with to polish the writer’s manuscript for an agent pony show. Stephanie had the highest number of submissions, and I remember thinking, who is this rock star? Stephanie: That’s so funny because I remember being intimidated by Stacey. Stacey is one of the sweetest people I know, but I’d […]


More Website Tweaking

I know, I know. It seems as though PubCrawl’s been changing its look more often than a background dancer during a Lady Gaga concert, but it’s all in the service of its readers, we swear! After some feedback from y’all, as well as some discussion here behind the scenes, we decided that PubCrawl 2.0 was a little too far removed from its original design, although we liked the minimalistic direction. With the help of our own incredibly […]

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Brainstorming an Idea into a Story

We’ve had a few good posts here recently about coming up with solid ideas. JJ had a really good post about idea generation here. I also posted on this topic here. But what does a writer do once they have a kernel of an idea? How does a one-sentence seed grow into an 80,000 word novel? I’m a planner (meaning I outline my stories, as opposed to a pantser, who writes from the seat of […]