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Post-Contract Schedules

There’s a ton of information out there about life pre-contract—how to query an agent, how to revise with critique partners, etc, etc. But life post-contract can be a little harder to research. Recently, we got an email from a reader with a few questions about scheduling after you’ve sold a book. The short answer is: It really varies. Let’s break it down by question! How long do you get to write the first draft and […]


Confessions of a Re-Reader

My name is Kelly and I’m a re-reader. I read the same books over and over again–some books I read once every year–and I love it. My husband doesn’t understand this. He is always reading something new. Sometimes he sees me re-reading a book and rolls his eyes a bit. He has so many questions and protests. But there are so many new books and so little time! True. And I read plenty of new books, […]


Sex in YA

I sometimes get stymied on what I should write for PubCrawl. A writing topic? A publishing topic? A something other topic? When I’m stuck, I often put out a call on Twitter, and thankfully, Twiter came through for me yet again. What about writing sex in YA? —Megan What about writing sex in YA indeed? Can you write it? How much can you write? What’s considered appropriate? Is there something that distinguishes writing sex in […]


A Little Less Romance Please

I am a romantic. I love the happily ever after of fairy tales. I want the girl to get the guy or vice versa, and I love reading about a good love story, but there’s way too much of it. I don’t mean that there are too many romance novels. I have no beef with that. I don’t even mind that so many of the YA novels being published are romances. What bothers me is […]


Reading Goals

2015 was the first year I made any real concerted effort to track my reading habits. After having torched my Goodreads account a few years ago, I confess I came crawling back because I simply could not let go of the shelving function, flawed as it was. (Goodreads, I wish I could quit you!) Kelly and I gave our Recommended Reads in last week’s podcast episode and looking back at my year in reading, I […]