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Switching Genres — Can it hurt your author brand?

by Erin Bowman — I asked for blog topic suggestions on twitter yesterday, and one of our readers posed the following (paraphrased): There’s the idea of author brand and books readers expect from that author. But what happens if the author wants to write in a new genre? As a YA author who debuted with […]

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An Agent’s Top Ten Thoughts

  by Joanna Volpe — We’ve all seen the “day in the life of…” posts.  In fact, the awesome Jordan Hamessley London of Pub Crawl has posted one, too–one of most popular posts on our blog. What I’d like to do is take that idea a step further and invite you into my brain.  It’s fascinating […]

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Guest Post: Three tips to increase productivity when writing from home

by Michelle Krys — Here’s a story that might sound familiar. A few years ago, after I got a book deal, I dropped down from full-time work at my day job, to working just a few shifts every two weeks. I was ecstatic about all the writing I’d surely get done. But when I started […]

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Staying Power

by Rachel Seigel — 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of Roald Dahl’s novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and it continues to be beloved by children around the globe. Several other children’s classics such as Amelia Bedelia, Where the Wild Things Are and The Giving Tree all recently celebrated milestone anniversaries, it […]

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Give Yourself A Break

 by Jordan Hamessley London — If you are a regular reader of Pub Crawl, my guess is that you are very busy person. Our readers span from full time authors, to authors maintaining day jobs, publishing industry professionals, writers at the start of their career and more. No matter which group you fall under, one […]

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