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Guest Post: Getting Into Publishing (You Gotta Do It For The Love)

by Danielle Barthel — Hey guys! I’m so excited to share this guest post with your from Danielle Barthel, a literary assistant from New Leaf Literary. She offers her own personal experience and insight for breaking into the publishing industry–which I’m sure many of you know isn’t the easiest thing to do. — Hello Pub-crawlers! I’m […]

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Guest Post: Questions to Ask Your Publicist, Inside and Out

by Dana Kaye — Dana Kaye, owner of Kaye Publicity In my experience, no matter how many books an author has published, whether they’re traditionally or independently published, or what their day job is, publicity is the one area that leaves many authors in the dark. Everyone wants to be on Ellen or have a […]

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Defining an Age Category

by Rachel Seigel — There has been much discussion recently among publishers & booksellers on the topic of defining age categories for children’s/YA books. When I was a kid, the kids’ section of the book store had novels for under 12, and a section of “YA” books for 12 and up. Today, while some bookstores […]

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A Day in the Life of a Literary Assistant…GIF Style

by Jaida Temperly — Hi all! My name is Jaida Temperly and I’m a Literary Assistant at New Leaf Literary & Media. This is my very first post on Pub Crawl (cue confetti), so I thought it fitting that I post about what it’s like to be a Literary Assistant. But in GIF style, of […]

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The Editorial “Call”

by Jordan Hamessley London – Many authors and agents have written about their experiences with “the call.” That moment when the working relationship truly begins and the author and agent have their first chance to truly get to know each other and figure out if they would make a good team. These stories are always […]

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