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Reading Historical Fiction

by Rachel Seigel — With Vetrans Day coming up next week in the U.S. and Remembrance day in Canada, it got me thinking again about Historical Fiction, and I have come to the conclusion that Historical Fiction gets a bad rap. Countless times in my years selling books to both the public and to schools, […]

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The Great Debate: An Agent and Editor Discuss the Latest in Contract Negotiation

by Joanna Volpe — I had a chance to sit down with an editor friend recently to discuss one of the least fun (but most important) parts of the publishing process: the deal/contract negotiation. And lucky for me, Editor agreed to let me share some of that conversation with you here on Pub Crawl. We […]

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Life as an Editor Married to an Author

      by Jordan Hamessley London — Earlier this month, my husband Matt London, experienced something as an author that I’ve experienced many times as an editor. He launched his middle grade debut novel, The 8th Continent. In my career I’ve witnessed many book launches and supported my authors through all that goes with the publishing […]

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How to Survive in a Bookstore as an Author

by. Adam Silvera I’ve worked in bookstores on and off for five years now. I started off at Barnes & Noble in 2009 before accepting a job at my favorite independent children’s bookstore the fall of 2011 where I’m back working part-time. I’ve also been hanging with a lot of local New York authors who […]

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Switching Genres — Can it hurt your author brand?

by Erin Bowman — I asked for blog topic suggestions on twitter yesterday, and one of our readers posed the following (paraphrased): There’s the idea of author brand and books readers expect from that author. But what happens if the author wants to write in a new genre? As a YA author who debuted with […]

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