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Pressures of Publishing part two

by Jodi Meadows – Last month I posted part one of the Pressures of Publishing. That post has a bunch of caveats and reminders that I know how lucky I am to be able write books that other people can read. So this time, I’ll just jump right in with a list. Obviously experiences will […]

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April 2014 Releases!

By Vanessa Di Gregorio – Spring is (sorta) here. Hurrah! Good riddance, snow! As much as I love curling under a warm blanket to read in the winter months, it just doesn’t compare to the feeling of warm sunshine. But Spring also means rainy days, and nights that are uncomfortably chilly compared to the balmy days […]

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Self-Promo and Marketing Materials that Work

by Erin Bowman — My sequel comes out in week and I’ve noticed a drastic difference in the amount of self-promotion I did this year compared to last year. For my debut, I tried everything, mainly because I didn’t know what worked and/or what was worth spending money on. But looking back, some of those […]

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A Day in the Life of a Marketing Associate

by Alex Bracken — I’ve been meaning to do a “Day in the Life” post for some time. My days (and weeks!) seem to vary so much more now than they did when I was an assistant, that it was interesting to keep track of a day and what I was really accomplishing hour by […]

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February & March 2014 Releases!

By Vanessa Di Gregorio – I know, I know. These are hardly “upcoming” titles anymore, but still! Cut a girl some slack. February is a short month, and it also happens to be one of the busiest months for me, work-wise. March is almost just as hectic… and so. That leads us to this: A dual […]

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