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PubCrawl Podcast: Archetypes – Romance Narratives

This week Kelly and JJ (with surprise guest Beth Revis, New York Times bestselling author of the Across the Universe trilogy and Star Wars: Rebel Rising) continue their Summer of Archetypes series with ROMANCE NARRATIVES. If the conversation is a bit incoherent this week, it’s because JJ is—once again—podcasting from the road (this time San Diego Comic-Con). Kelly and JJ discuss their favorite types of romances and whether or not romantic narratives fall into a Conflict-based narrative or an Evolution-based narrative. […]

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PubCrawl Podcast: Archetypes – The Fatal Flaw

This week JJ and Kelly continue their Summer of Archetypes series with The Fatal Flaw! Some museum recommendations! Hamilton also makes a reappearance! Show Notes Like The Chosen, the Fatal Flaw narrative often has a sense of inevitability to them. Not necessarily fate or preordination, but the feeling of an unstoppable train. Fatal flaw narratives seem to have fallen out of favor in publishing these days, but that isn’t to say there isn’t room for […]

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PubCrawl Podcast: Archetypes – The Chosen One

This week Kelly and JJ kick off their Summer of Archetypes with The Chosen One. What constitutes a Chosen One narrative? What are some examples? What are examples of a subverted Chosen One? CAN you truly subvert a Chosen One narrative? Also, our gripes with the TV show LOST. Show Notes As we define it, the Chosen One is The One Who Solves the Story Problem, or a singular character with a Greater Purpose. Some […]

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PubCrawl Podcast: Query Critique III

This week JJ and Kelly run another query critique podcast! The quality of the submissions were pretty high all around, so barring a few nitpicks, we encourage y’all to keep querying! Also, lots and lots of fangirling over the Netflix original show GLOW. Previous Query Critiques Query Critique I Query Critique II Query #1 Dear Agent, Thank you so much for your thoughtful and positive feedback during the recent YARWA pitch contest. It was during […]


PubCrawl Podcast: Archetypes, Stereotypes, & Cliches

This week, Kelly and JJ give a little overview about archetypes, stereotypes, and cliches to kick off their Summer of Archetypes. What is the difference between all of these things? Also, they answer a few questions and give (probably unsolicited) advice on how to become more civically engaged in the US political process. Show Notes Archetypes vs. stereotypes: what is the difference? Functionally, they are both the same, but the difference lies in execution. Archetypes […]

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