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Fixing Fictional Mothers

Mother’s Day is this Sunday in the United States, and my original plan for this post was to write a list of the Top Ten Moms in Fiction, which is something Pub Crawl alumnus Adam did a few years ago. But when I sat down to compile my list, I realized I couldn’t make it to ten. I’ll admit that I didn’t start to notice mothers in fiction until I became one myself in 2014. […]


The Rest of the Best MG & YA Books of 2015

Those end-of-the-year “best of” book lists can be rough. When you try to come up with only ten or fifteen titles, chances are some very worthy books aren’t going to be included, especially some of those published earlier in the year. It also seems like the same titles are always being mentioned; no doubt those books are great, but let’s share the love a little, yeah? Here then, from PubCrawlers and friends, are our picks […]

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Reading Goals

2015 was the first year I made any real concerted effort to track my reading habits. After having torched my Goodreads account a few years ago, I confess I came crawling back because I simply could not let go of the shelving function, flawed as it was. (Goodreads, I wish I could quit you!) Kelly and I gave our Recommended Reads in last week’s podcast episode and looking back at my year in reading, I […]


Agony! Misery! Woe!

Last summer, when I was on submission with my novel to publishers, I remember being in complete and utter agony with the not knowing and not being in control. There’s a lot written about the query trenches throughout the blogosphere, but not a lot of space is given over to being on submission. Part of that is because unlike querying, the experience of being on submission varies widely from individual to individual, so it’s hard […]