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The Benefits of a Small Writers’ Conference

by Janice Hardy Attending a writers’ conference can be both exhilarating and terrifying, but it’s almost always rewarding. There’s something wonderful about being in a room where everyone around you has the same passion, and no matter who you happen to sit next to, you know you have something in common. I always come away […]

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Five Tumblrs for Writers

by Alex Bracken — When I first joined Tumblr in 2009, I recognized it as a paradise for fandom–practically every fandom under the sun. I was a refugee from Livejournal, looking for a little corner of the internet that was–then at least–a little quieter. What I didn’t expect, though, was for it to provide invaluable […]

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Trimming Just a Few More Words

by Jodi Meadows – At the end of December, I finished another round of revisions on the sequel to THE ORPHAN QUEEN (OQ2 for short). Let’s just say . . . it’s a big book. The draft I turned in to my editor was, ahem, 135,100 words. Give or take. She asked me to please […]

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Books vs. Babies!

by E.C. Myers — People sometimes talk about books as if they are babies, raised by the author and ultimately sent into the world to make their fortunes. We even wish authors a “happy book birthday” on their publication day! In the last month, I’ve been thinking about the similarities and differences between “book babies” and actual babies, since […]

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Taking Risks in your Writing

by Julie Eshbaugh ~~~ The seed of this post began as a reflection on my own writing choices – the constant desire to create something new and original on the page, pitted against the awareness that any break with writing conventions and norms carries with it a certain level of risk. Will readers feel drawn […]

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