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Art Speaks

Kat Zhang – (I found an old post in my files and found it to still ring very much true. So I edited it a bit and posted. Hope it rings true for you guys, as well!) Let’s talk about art. Anything? Anyone want to go first? . Okay, I’ll go first. . I love […]

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Pressures of Publishing part two

by Jodi Meadows – Last month I posted part one of the Pressures of Publishing. That post has a bunch of caveats and reminders that I know how lucky I am to be able write books that other people can read. So this time, I’ll just jump right in with a list. Obviously experiences will […]

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Character Movement & Characterization

by Kat Zhang – When coming up with a new character, or trying to introduce him (or her) to the reader, writers often focus on what he looks like, or perhaps how he talks. What color hair does he have? What color eyes? (fiction, as a whole, is very obsessed with eyes, and I totally […]

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An “Awesome” Exercise that Will Improve your Word Choice

by Julie Eshbaugh ~~~ Regular readers of this blog know that I generally write posts about the craft of writing. This post will be a little bit different. Yes, it’s about how to improve your writing, but today I’d like to focus on a single, simple change you can make that will increase your language […]

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Asking the Right Questions

by JJ __ Critiquing, like editing, is somewhat of a subjective business. What floats your boat may sink someone else’s ship, so to speak, but the thing I’ve found in common in all great critique partners and editors is the ability to ask the right questions. The one thing you never want to do when critiquing […]

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