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Kill Your Darlings, and Some Trees

So you’ve written the first draft of your novel! Now what? Most writers will tell you to put it in a drawer for a week or month, to spend some time apart from it before you return to the manuscript with fresh eyes for the first round of revision. That’s great advice, but I’m going to take it one step further and say you should literally put the manuscript in a drawer. For that you need a physical copy of it, […]


Talking to Booksellers: Interview with Hannah Walcher of NYMB

Hi, all!  I’m so excited to share a special guest interview with the awesome, Hannah Walcher, of Books Inc. (which was recently chosen as PWs Bookstore of the Year). Hannah is the event coordinator for Not Your Mother’s Book Club—Books Inc.’s Young Adult Author Salon. I recently met Hannah at Stacey Lee’s launch party for Outrun the Moon. Hannah puts together amazing events, so Stacey and I thought it might be helpful for everyone if we asked Hannah […]


PubCrawl Podcast: Publishing 201 – Rejections

This week Kelly and JJ tackle REJECTION: what it means, why people might get rejected, what to do when you get one, etc. Also, the difference between Gryffindors and Ravenclaws is apparently a matter of external vs. internal validation, and lots of game recommendations this week. We will be on hiatus next week because JJ IS GOING TO SEE HAMILTON, but shall return the following week with an episode about SUBMISSIONS.

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GUEST POST: Sona Charaipotra on Writing Collaboration

On Collaboration: Finding My Partner in Crime–And CAKE! People often ask what my favorite thing about the publishing experience has been. I always tell them that it’s the expression on my husband Navdeep’s face when he opened his hardcover copy of Tiny Pretty Things and discovered the book was dedicated to him. And here’s the thing: I can’t even take credit it for it. It was all my writing partner Dhonielle’s idea. I met Dhonielle […]

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