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Who is Your Narrator Talking To?

by Janice Hardy Every story has a narrator–some narrators are the protagonist, others tell the tale as a group, and some lurk in the shadows or hover above the story like an all-seeing-eye. Whichever point of view style a writer chooses, it’s pointing at someone. In grand terms, it’s the reader, but it can be […]

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Avoiding Clichés

by Julie Eshbaugh ~~~ There are two kinds of clichés that pop up in writing – language clichés (e.g. dead as a doornail) and character clichés (e.g. the mean cheerleader.) In this post I want to address clichéd language and suggest that purging your writing of tired expressions can infuse it with clarity and power. […]

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5 Things I Learned in 2014 & Some Resolutions for 2015

by Susan Dennard — I think of 2013 as “The Year I Learned To Accept Publishing For What It Is (and to stop whining about it)”, and that year held a lot of rough, pretty low patches for me. I wasn’t the only one. In fact, if you do a quick scan of blogs from […]

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From Pantser to Plotter

Kat Zhang – The more I write, the more of an outliner I become. I literally started the first draft of What’s Left of Me with nothing but a blank word document and Eva’s voice in my mind. The world-building, the other characters, the plot, all developed over the course of that first draft. Of course, […]

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What happens in the middle?

by Jodi Meadows – I’ve talked about beginnings (here, too) and endings (and here’s one from Sooz), but recently someone mentioned they’d really like some thoughts on middles. A lot of times, when people get stuck in the middle of their book, it’s because they’re not totally sure what the middle is supposed to do.. […]

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