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Moving Beyond Rejection and Into the New Year!

Rejection. We’ve all been there, starting with the threesome of friends that decided to become a twosome without you, or the unrequited love you slathered on that skinny basketball player in sixth grade. Writing is not for the faint of heart. It often feels like the bad days outnumber the good, that the days of utter dejection and rejection will stop the ship from sailing all together. Many days, I feel like the luckiest person […]


Eight things to do while you’re waiting

Waiting stinks, and it seems like there’s a lot of waiting in publishing. Sometimes, it really does seem like you’re moving from a period of waiting to a new period of waiting. Be it emails, submissions, conferences, submissions, reviews, submissions, covers, submissions, the pain is real. If you’ve been there (or heck, if you’re there now), here are some productive things you can do to help pass the time: 1. Start writing something new. Trust […]

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How to Set Up a Website

A question I used to see a lot from aspiring writers when I was still working in publishing was Do I need a website? Do I need to get on Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr/Instagram/[insert social media platform]? What do agents and editors mean when they say “online presence”? I won’t lie; whenever I received a submission from an agent, the first thing I did was Google that author. I wasn’t necessarily looking to see if the author had an enormous platform […]