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What To Do When You’re Stuck in a Reading Rut

So you might have heard me mention in the past couple of PubCrawl podcast episodes that I’ve been in something of a reading rut and I haven’t really read anything new in the last month. This isn’t that unusual; reading, like so much else in my life, comes and goes in phases. When I am researching for a book, I read voraciously. While I am drafting or else working on writing, I cannot. I am, […]

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The Conference Report: SCBWI LA, and Why You Should Go

Stephanie: I’m not normally a shy person. Most people would probably say I’m pretty outgoing, but when I first started writing the idea of attending any type of conference terrified me. I thought of the SCBWI LA conference the way some people might think of the dentist. I imagined it would be good for my writing health, but not for my mental health. Stacey: In contrast to Stephanie, I am a shy person, which means […]


A Few Tax Tips

Ahhhh! Tax day is coming! Yes, once again April 15* is almost upon us. Hopefully you’ve already filed your taxes for 2015 by now, or you’re about to. And if you’re a writer (or are otherwise self-employed), hopefully you’re also deducting your writing expenses. OK, so I’m no tax expert, but I have been filing my own taxes for my entire working life. And I only started using TurboTax when things got a little more complicated […]

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Airplane Packing Tricks

I’m on the road a lot this month, so I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about packing all the worldly possessions I need to survive away from home. And since I neglected to schedule myself a post for this month until this very morning, packing for events is what you get to hear about today. Yay, right? Here’s what a Jodi-author carries with her on tour: A carry-on suitcase (the biggest the airlines will allow […]