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Brainstorming an Idea into a Story

Before today’s post, a quick announcement: Happy March! Starting this month, Pub(lishing) Crawl will be moving to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting schedule (though we may occasionally surprise you with a Tuesday, Thursday, or Weekend post.) Of course, only our schedule will change; our content will stay the same! Also, to those of you who commented on Alex’s recent post asking what you would like to see on the blog – thank you for your […]

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Volunteering: Marketing’s Best Kept Secret

I’ve met very few writers who got excited over the idea of marketing and promotion–and those who did, were typically folks who did that for a living. Maybe it’s an aspect of a creative soul, but it’s not usually something that comes naturally to us. And the thought of pushing our work on others? -shudder- I’ve always advocated that the best marketing strategies are the things we enjoy doing. Good marketing is all about making […]

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And the Award Goes to…

Like many people, I’ve been thinking about awards this weekend. A couple of days ago, SFWA announced this year’s Nebula and Norton Award nominees, and as I write this blog post, the Oscars are happening. Not too long ago, the internet was flooded with “Best of 2014″ lists, which can be a fragile time for authors. Lots of authors check out those lists when they’re posted in the hopes that our books are among those being recognized — and […]

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Guest Post: The Unlikeliest Road From Fanfiction to Agenting

Up until a year ago, I thought I had a dirty little secret. From the age of fourteen to thirty, I read, wrote, and beta read fanfiction. I didn’t know there was a name for it when I started (this was a world before, message boards, and of course, Tumblr), but more than that, I never realized that these stories would end up changing the course of my life. I was a terrible student, […]

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Five Years, Five Lessons

Hello, PubCrawlers! I’ve managed to thaw out my frozen little fingers enough on this absolutely freezing holiday weekend to bring you some news: today is my last post as a regular member of PubCrawl. I have loved my time here beyond words, and it feels wrong to say goodbye–it’s not goodbye at all! You’ll always find me in the comments, and (hopefully!) my friends here will have me back for guest posts every now and […]

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