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Bringing Your Story World to Life

When you mention world building to a bunch of writers, most are instantly going to think about fantasy worlds. Makes sense since that’s the genre that does the most world building from scratch, but every story needs a rich world, even if that world is set in the good old USA. Luckily, the same tricks genre writers use to flesh out their worlds can also be used by non-genre writers. A Room With a View […]

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2016 Debut Authors Share their Research Tips

I have a question for writers of historical fiction: How do you research for a historical novel? What sort of research do you do? How do you balance getting the period details right with writing for a modern MG/YA audience? ~Kali Wallace, author of Shallow Graves, Katherine Tegen Books 2016. You can visit Kali’s website and follow her on twitter @kaliphyte. Lois Sepahban: My stories always start with a character, and I think that even […]


Guest Post: Beating Deadlines with Healthy Writing Habits

 I once saw a fellow YA author tweet something to the effect of: “Books are made out of caffeine, sugar, and tears.” This sentiment stuck with me (though not the author’s name, unfortunately) because it was not only simultaneously hilarious and sad—but also because it was very true to what my own writing process used to look like only a year ago. About this time last year, I found myself in my doctor’s office because […]


Guest Post: A Day in the Life of a School Librarian

Tuesday 24th March, 2015 5.00 a.m. My alarm blares. I roll over and fall back to sleep. 5.10 a.m. My alarm goes off again. My fiance, Neil, mutters for me to turn the blasted thing off. I scramble for my phone and knock it off the bedside table. Forcing myself onto the floor to feel for it in the dark, its shrieking stops just as I grab it. Sod’s law. I consider climbing back into […]


Remembering to Say Thank You

My wife was recently re-watching Randy Pausch’s inspiring Last Lecture, and of the many moving and insightful things he discussed, one stuck out to me in particular: what he called the lost art of writing thank you notes. In the past four years or so, which included a wedding and the birth of our first child, I’ve written a lot of thank you notes for gifts! Of course, these are the ones that we’re “supposed” to write, […]