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You Tell Us–What Are Your Favorite Writing Quotes?

Hi all, it’s Julie! Today I want to share some of my favorite quotes about writing, and invite YOU to share your favorites, too. I love a great quote–especially if it’s a real truism about writing–and I love to learn what quotes other people admire. So please read on, and share your own in the comments. (And please don’t feel too restricted by the “about writing” part of this. Arguably, some of these–especially the one […]


You Tell Us: What’s Your Go-to Book Recommendation?

Hello PubCrawlers! Now that my debut YA novel, Ivory and Bone is out in the world, some of my friends who don’t normally read YA have given it a try. Most of these friends have discovered they enjoy YA, (hooray!) and a few have asked me for further recommendations. So today we’d like you to tell us: What’s your go-to book recommendation—YA or otherwise? Here are a few of ours. Please share yours in the […]


My Favorite Book

The Witch Family by Eleanor Estes is my favorite book. Not my favorite novel, not my favorite story, not my favorite collection of words bound together. I mean to say that a specific copy of The Witch Family is my favorite book-as-physical-object. I think, but don’t know for certain, that my copy of this book was a library edition. I’m pretty sure my mother picked it up at a yard sale or a thrift store […]


Should Award Winners Also Be Popular?

In the book industry, fall also means it’s awards season. From the Giller to the Booker to the National Book Award, there are a number of high profile awards announced leading up to the Christmas Holidays (and of course the ALA Youth Media Awards in January). A few weeks ago when the Governor General’s Award winners were announced in Canada, I read an article about the awards that was marveling at the fact that for […]


You Tell Us: Do YOU Re-read Books?

Hi PubCrawlers! Today we have a question for our readers. We want to know if you ever re-read books. If so, which books? What makes you want to read a book a second (or more!) time? If you never re-read, we’d like to know that, too, as well as why you don’t. Is it that you’ve never found a book you liked enough to read again? Or is it that there are just so many […]