Twitter & Literary Agents: Looking Below the Social Media Surface

As an agent who uses Twitter a lot in my day-to-day, talking about books I’m reading, projects by my authors, posting pictures of my corgi… I get a lot of queries that specifically bring up my Twitter account. Most of the time, these mentions are great. They discuss things I’ve tweeted regarding what I’m looking for, like something on my manuscript wish list. Which is exactly what I like to see. But every now and […]


PubCrawl Podcast: Query Critique III

This week JJ and Kelly run another query critique podcast! The quality of the submissions were pretty high all around, so barring a few nitpicks, we encourage y’all to keep querying! Also, lots and lots of fangirling over the Netflix original show GLOW. Previous Query Critiques Query Critique I Query Critique II Query #1 Dear Agent, Thank you so much for your thoughtful and positive feedback during the recent YARWA pitch contest. It was during […]


Writing Non-Fiction

Whenever I thought about writing, I always assumed that writing non-fiction would be faster and easier than writing fiction. With fiction, I need a plot. I need a beginning, a middle and an ending. I need an interesting storyline and I need well-developed and compelling characters to keep the reader’s attention. Non-fiction, I thought, is easy. I just research the topic, follow the basic Ws that they teach you about good report writing, and meet […]

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How I Balance Writing with Having a Day Job or Coping With Not Having Superpowers

Happy Friday! A couple weeks ago I did a call for questions for an industry pros series I’m doing here—where I ask fellow publishing industry professionals to give their takes on questions you, our readers, have. You can read the first one on conferences here: One response that really stood out to me was Aneeqah’s question about how to balance a day job (in my case an amazing yet sometimes creatively draining one as a […]


PubCrawl Podcast: Archetypes, Stereotypes, & Cliches

This week, Kelly and JJ give a little overview about archetypes, stereotypes, and cliches to kick off their Summer of Archetypes. What is the difference between all of these things? Also, they answer a few questions and give (probably unsolicited) advice on how to become more civically engaged in the US political process. Show Notes Archetypes vs. stereotypes: what is the difference? Functionally, they are both the same, but the difference lies in execution. Archetypes […]

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