Assassin and the Empire. Read it.

As a fan of the Throne of Glass novellas, it’s kind of hard to see the last one release today… To know there won’t be more stories before we’re thrust into the actual series of Throne of Glass… It actually makes my heart ache. Sure, I am absolutely elated at the prospect of the series beginning…but I’ll also be sad to see young, fearless Celaena go. And go she does—young Celaena is no more at the […]


Working with the design team

One of the great things about being an editor of chapter books and middle grade is my relationship with the design team. Because so many of my books are illustrated, I spend a lot of my time working with the designers making sure each book on our list looks fantastic. To give you an inside look into the world of the design department, I’m going to break down the design process for Adam-Troy Castro’s Gustav […]


Guest Post: Beginners Guide To Hiring A Freelance Editor

So you’ve got a book that you’ve worked hard on and you’re thinking of hiring a freelance editor, but where do you start? Hopefully you begin looking a month or two before you actually need an editor (which should be after you’ve done your own revisions first). As you can imagine, editing takes a while and editors frequently book up months in advance. For some of the higher profile editors, it’s not unusual to have […]


Facing the Blank Page

Lately, whenever I “finish” a novel I find myself thinking, “I couldn’t possibly have written that story. Someone else sat down at my computer and did it for me. How did I make this happen?” I submitted my first draft of Taken‘s sequel to my editor about a month and a half ago, and just a few weeks back, I sent a revised version of a stand-alone WIP to my agent. (It’s these kind of […]


Enhance your Writing with Symbolism

An earlier version of this post appeared on Let the Words Flow, but I’ve gone back and updated it for Pub(lishing) Crawl, because I find myself thinking about the power of symbolism a lot lately. This post makes a nice companion to my recent post on motifs, which you can find here. Symbolism is an aspect of literature that makes a lot of people groan. Perhaps it takes us back to those days of high […]