Sketchy Maps

A big part of world building for me is the actual land and geography of where the story takes place, which I’m sure goes for most people. So some problems arise when the world my story takes place in doesn’t exist. I’ve just recently started writing my first real, alternate-world fantasy, which includes having to come up with a totally new land. And to be honest, I floundered. I had ideas of where I wanted […]


Go ahead, tell people about your book.

Here’s a true story with a couple of morals. The other day, I popped around the corner to the grocery store to pick up a few things. I was in sweatpants (what? I am a writer) and my Hunger Games t-shirt. At the cash register, the cashier took one look at my shirt and said, “Oh my gosh. Did you read the books?” We had a great talk about our favorite books of the trilogy, […]


Guest Post: Writerly Benefits of Working on the Frontline

So we’ve already established that I’m a book-wrangler (as in, I’m a library assistant), but I also write young-adult fantasy. When I took the job, I assumed that the only writerly benefits I’d reap would be plenty of spare time to write since it’s only a part-time post. And obviously access to plenty of awesome books. But that’s where I was wrong. I didn’t foresee just how beneficial working on the frontline with readers would […]


Throne of Glass is FINALLY here

So, this is one of those posts that’s hard to write primarily because I don’t even know where to start. Today is a Big Day—not just for Sarah J. Maas and all of her thousands and thousands of fans—but for us here at Pub(lishing) Crawl too. Sarah was one of the founders of Let the Words Flow, and LTWF was—of course—where Pub(lishing) Crawl got its start. Sarah was also (perhaps still is?) one of the […]


August Releases

By Vanessa Di Gregorio — Summer is almost over! Somehow, August crept up on us – but that shouldn’t be a bad thing!  Because there are SO MANY AWESOME BOOKS coming out this month! And one of those books is one I’ve been waiting YEARS for (hint: it’s epic and badass)! If you guessed THRONE OF GLASS by our very own Sarah, you’re right! This book has a special place in my heart – one, […]