U.S. or U.K.: Why Book Covers are Not the Same

by Rachel Seigel — We have all heard the old adage “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, but when it comes to deciding which books we want to pick up, I think most of us will admit that we absolutely do judge books by their covers. Cover design is one of the most fascinating and possibly the most difficult aspects of book publishing. How do you a) capture the spirit of the book and […]


The Not-So-Secret Backdoor to Publishing

Besides the fact that they’re some of the most successful YA books, the titles shown above have one very big thing in common: They are the products of a practice known as book packaging, wherein a person or company creates marketable ideas, develops outlines or synopses, then hires writers to write them. The packager—whether it is Alloy (Gossip Girl, The Clique, The Probability of Miracles, the Private series), Full Fathom Five (I am Number Four), or […]


The Importance of “Letting It Go”

One piece of advice we’re all bound to get at some point or another in goes something like this: Let it go. Sh** happens. Typically this line is followed by a sympathetic shoulder pat or a helpless shrug (as if to say, “Sorry, dude, but there’s nothing I can do.”). For a lot of us, “letting it go” is on the verge of impossible, and I think that writers (and publishing professionals in general) tend to be in […]


Pub(lishing) Crawl at BEA!

Hi, everyone! So, BEA (BookExpo America) is fast-approaching, and those of us at Pub Crawl who are attending couldn’t be more excited! While some of us at PC are BEA vets, others (like *cough*Kat and Sarah*cough*) are total newbies! Because it’s going to be such a busy week, and because we’re pretty sure everyone likes to plan their BEA schedules well in advance, we thought we’d let you guys know where we’ll be—because we’d LOVE […]


Interview with Amy Garvey, author of Cold Kiss

I’m so excited to host this interview with Amy Garvey, author of Cold Kiss and the forthcoming sequel, Glass Heart. Amy and I share an editor at Harper, and when said editor sent me an ARC of Cold Kiss over a year ago, telling me I’d love it, it sat on my shelf for quite some time because I’ve never been a big paranormal reader. But then I picked it up and ohmygosh this story! […]