Bringing Your Baby to Editorial Board

Have you ever heard the phrase “they’re taking your project to editorial board” before? Have you ever wondered what that meant? Well wonder no more, my friends, as I’m going to take you through the dreaded and frightening Acquisitions Process. It seems that everyone at every level in the industry has a “gatekeeper” they feel they must need to pass: writers think of agents, agents think of editors, and editors think of their publishers. I […]


Guest Post: Celebrate the Mass Market Paperback Series

Most publishing industry professionals have a pitch. The pitch is how you introduce yourself. If you’re at a convention or a networking event, and you meet an author or agent for the first time, you launch into your pitch. My pitch goes something like this: “Hi! I’m Jordan Hamessley, an editor at Grosset & Dunlap, the mass market imprint of the Penguin Young Readers Group. Our list is half original paperback series fiction and half […]


Pub Brawl: Strong Heroines?

One of the things I often see writers and readers say they want to see more of is strong female leads. Strong heroines. The kinds of characters who are going to influence the younger generation of young women in the right way. And when I see these comments, I always wonder what IS a strong heroine? It’s a tricky concept for me to wrap my mind around. Some people believe that sass = strength, but […]


Coverlust: Recent Discoveries

Hey everyone! Welcome to another Coverlust! 🙂 I’ve got some really gorgeous covers for you guys today, most of which are recently released. Let me know which is your favorite and what covers you’ve recently come across that have stuck in your mind. First up is Origin by Jessica Khoury. I really love how simple yet powerful this cover is with the white outline cut into the luscious rainforest. Plus, it’s different from the average […]


Assigning Age Categories to Books

by Rachel Seigel — As a buyer who handles books that range from toddler to high school, one of the biggest challenges I have is trying to determine the proper age category for the novels I purchase, and particularly when it comes to books for Middle School or Junior High. (12-14 years old) It should be easy right? Look at what the publisher has recommended and place it accordingly. WRONG! While it’s true that most […]