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How to Create a Fantastic Book Title

Hi all! Stephanie here, with my good buddy and fellow pub-crawler, Stacey Lee! Today we are talking TITLES. Stephanie: If you’re a writer, chances are you’ve had to come up with a title. And if you’re a writer with an agent or editor, chances are, at some point, you have either been asked to change your title, or you will be asked this in the future. And, like so many other facets of writing, changing […]



Hi everyone! Stacey here today, with fellow pub-crawler, Stephanie Garber, talking about the most painful exciting part of publishing, submission! With the arrival of fall, and the end of summer Friday’s in publishing, it’s time to talk about submissions. You can tell a writer who is on “sub” by the long face they wear, the nails chewed to the quick, the scuffled toes of their shoes where they’ve tripped as they’ve paced waiting for a response […]


A Conversation between Critique Partners: Trusting Your Own Work

So this isn’t really a conversation post this time–more like me adding onto Sarah’s last post. Mostly because she touched on something I feel very strongly about: The idea that having a critique partner somehow means you don’t trust your own writing. Just as Sarah said in her post: that’s not true. In fact, I’m gonna go ahead and (excuse my language) call bullshit on anyone who says something like that. Because it is just so, so, […]


A Conversation Between Critique Partners: In Defense of Sharing Ideas & Stories

So, by now it’s no secret that Sooz and I are CPs—and that we have a pretty darn successful partnership. In the past, we’ve co-written posts about how our CPship helps us Maintain Passion For A Story, World-Build, and How We Generally Operate As CPs. Today, however, we thought we’d answer one of the questions that we get asked somewhat often by other writers regarding our CPing & writing processes: I’ve heard from other authors […]


A Conversation between Critique Partners: Maintaining Passion for a Story

So last week, Sarah J. Maas wrote a post about world-building (that I chimed in on). As she mentioned, we talk A LOT during drafting, and our methods of creation are—at least in some ways—very similar. One thing we both agree on is this idea of a magical source of inspiration (i.e. daemon, genius, muse, collective unconscious, God, etc.). Is it really magical? That’s up to you to decide, but there’s undeniably something incredible at […]