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Making an offer

Last month I talked about how editors approach the submission pile hoping that the next submission they read will make them fall in love. This month I’m going to discuss what happens next. An editor falling in love with a submission is the first of many steps to making an offer on the project. Every publishing house handles acquisitions differently, but I’m going to describe the typical steps I go through to make an offer. […]


Thoughts from the Submission Pile

Back in my life as an actress, I spent every day going on multiple auditions, waking at dawn to ride the subway in my pajamas to arrive at the audition studio around 8AM. I’d write my name on a list of girls auditioning already 25 girls long, took a nap until 9:30, then put on my make up and waited my turn to be seen by the casting director for maybe one minute worth of an […]


All About Auctions

As we all know, acquisitions is complicated, and when I last blogged about the process, I wrote about the editorial board and what goes on in a publishing house when trying to make an offer. However, that’s all buildup, really. Part I of a three part saga, the middle part of which is when monies are actually offered. (Part III is contracts.) Today I would like to discuss Part II: Offers, and specifically auctions. The process […]


The Role of an Acquisitions Editor– Reader Question

Hello, Readers! Today I bring you a question from Wendy, a Pub Crawl Reader: Question for you: I have an author friend/mentor who is also involved in publishing. He’s asked me my thoughts/ideas on an Acquisitions Editor position. My internship & classes in publishing didn’t cover this area too much, and while I’ve learned a bit about it on my own, I could use more info. Specifically, since hundreds (if not thousands) of unsolicited mss […]