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Read Critically

There’s a section in Plato’s Dialogues where Socrates is talking to Phaedrus about writing. He tells the story of the Egyptian god Theuth who, when he discovered writing, came to King Thamus and told him all about the wonders of this new art. Theuth told him it would become the remedy for memory. King Thamus, however, disagreed. In his eyes, while it was cool that the margin of error for remembering things would be drastically […]


3 Steps For Taking Your Writing To The Next Level

There are any number of posts out there (including many by me!) on how to improve your writing. Today, I’m not focusing on specific tips–I’m asking you to step back and take a look at how you’re approaching your writing. If you can cover these three angles, you’ll improve. Guaranteed. 1. Get serious about craft. Read like a writer. Pick up great books in your field–or just great books–and study what makes them work. When […]


The DOJ Settlement and Why We Should Care

Listen, what I’m attempting here is to provide a brief, boiled-down explanation of the more notable points regarding the potential impact of the recent DOJ proposed settlement.  This post is not in itself intended as a comprehensive explanation, but merely to provide a starting place for authors and writers as to how this settlement can affect them.  For further elaboration, I encourage you to click on the provided links throughout the post. The facts in […]


WWMCD: Creating Depth and Motivation in Your Characters

I’ve always admired those people who know what their main character eats for breakfast. I don’t. I’ve never had the stamina to fill out long questionnaires aimed at getting to know your main character better. For some people, it’s that kind of intimacy that brings their characters to life. For others, it takes out the mystery. No matter what your approach, you need to know what drives your main character, and enough about him or her […]


The Importance of “Letting It Go”

One piece of advice we’re all bound to get at some point or another in goes something like this: Let it go. Sh** happens. Typically this line is followed by a sympathetic shoulder pat or a helpless shrug (as if to say, “Sorry, dude, but there’s nothing I can do.”). For a lot of us, “letting it go” is on the verge of impossible, and I think that writers (and publishing professionals in general) tend to be in […]