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A Computer Suggested I Read This Book!

The other day, I was fortunate enough to attend a Book Summit, which was a day of discussion and education for people from all facets of the book industry in Canada. In one of the sessions, the speaker was discussing the pros and cons of Amazon and virtual book shopping, and he raised some interesting points. While online bookstores offer readers greater choice than they ever had before, they are also limiting our ability to […]

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The DOJ Settlement and Why We Should Care

Listen, what I’m attempting here is to provide a brief, boiled-down explanation of the more notable points regarding the potential impact of the recent DOJ proposed settlement.  This post is not in itself intended as a comprehensive explanation, but merely to provide a starting place for authors and writers as to how this settlement can affect them.  For further elaboration, I encourage you to click on the provided links throughout the post. The facts in […]