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ALA Wrap Up, Conference Tips & Book Giveaway

We had a blast at our first American Library Association (ALA) conference, and we thought it’d be fun to give some tips for people who wondered if this conference was for them. For librarians, ALA annual is the BIG Library Conference of the year, full of everything from the World of Manga to Educating with Robots. Stacey: With a book recently out, I attended as a signing author, as well as a panelist for the […]


The Value of ARCs

Because 1) my brain froze during the Polar Vortex 2.0 and 2) I then melted it working feverishly on revisions this weekend, I done goofed in not pulling together the Day in the Life post I’d been planning on (stay tuned for March!). But Erin came to my rescue by asking a really interesting question–something I’ve actually been pondering myself: I think this is a really relevant topic, not only in relation to ARCs, but all […]


After the Editorial Letter: a peek at pass pages and beyond

A while back I pulled aside the publishing curtain to discuss the process of revising under contract. That “After the Editorial Letter” post ended with Step 4, Copy Edits, or, as I like to call it, The last step where your book still looks like a word doc. Today we’ll take a peek at what happens next… STEP FIVE: First Pass Pages This is the first time the book will actually look bookish. The author […]