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Who Can Recommend a Good Book?

by Julie Eshbaugh ~~~ I’m fascinated by lists of “recommended reading” - not only do such lists help us discover great books, but they also reveal quite a bit about the person who created the list. (For example, someone over at has cataloged the contents of Marilyn Monroe’s personal library. Reading through the list reveals a lot about the private […]

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Interview with Robin Bridges, author of The Gathering Storm

by Susan Dennard, featuring Robin Bridges — I’m so excited to have Robin Bridges on Pub(lishing) Crawl today! If y’all don’t know her (or her Katerina Trilogy), then you’re in for a treat. First of all, she has the most beautiful covers. Second of all, she has the COOLEST book trailer of all time. Seriously, watch […]

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Interview with Page Morgan, author of The Lovely and the Lost

by Susan Dennard, featuring Page Morgan — We’ve had the lovely Page Morgan on the blog before, but I wanted to have her again to celebrate her latest release: The Lovely and the Lost. If you guys haven’t yet read her books, DO. Especially if you’re a fan of my (Sooz’s) books. The Beautiful and the Cursed will totally […]

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Guest Post: Lessons in Pentameter

by Ian Doescher — Note from Sooz: I am SO EXCITED (like, fangirl-flipping-out-excited) to have Ian Doescher, the author of William Shakespeare’s Star Wars on Pub(lishing) Crawl! If you guys haven’t read these books, then DO. They are incredible. Now take it away, Ian! — In my freshman year English class, as we prepared to dive […]

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Guest Post: Advice for Publishing a Children’s Book

by Jennifer Adams — Note from Sooz: I am incredibly honored to share this guest post from an editor, part-time bookseller, and multi-published, bestselling picture book author. It is chock FULL of advice for aspiring authors of all kinds, so read closely! And don’t miss the giveaway at the end! — I’ve been a book editor […]

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