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The Sound of Silence

The other day I was at the gym, ready to fire up the podcasts I had lined up for an hour of listening when halfway through the first, I realized I just wasn’t paying attention to a single thing said on the podcast. Now normally, I would have just pressed the “back 15 seconds” button until I’d found the point I had zoned out, but this time, I made a conscious decision to turn off […]


Give Yourself A Break

If you are a regular reader of Pub Crawl, my guess is that you are very busy person. Our readers span from full time authors, to authors maintaining day jobs, publishing industry professionals, writers at the start of their career and more. No matter which group you fall under, one thing is clear. We all have a lot on our daily, weekly, monthly, and lifelong to-do lists. I’m here today to remind all of our […]


The Importance of Day Dreaming

When I was a kid, I used to hate doing chores. (I mean, what kid doesn’t, honestly?) It was all so tedious and boring, and all that time spent cleaning my room or watering the plants could have been spent reading or biking or something else more interesting. I never did grow out of my disdain for busywork, but as an adult, I’ve discovered that doing chores—while being a necessary evil—is also one of the few times I have […]


You deserve a vacation

Vacations are important. They help a person unplug, de-stress, and rekindle their love for their profession. And lets face it, even a person who loves their job can’t love it 100% of the time. For some reason, I’ve been really terrible at grasping this concept when it comes to writing. When my “day job” still labeled me a web designer, writing was my escape. It was my treat to myself at the end of the […]