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Introducing Sona Charaipotra!

Can you give us a bit of backstory about CAKE Literary? What is it? What made you and Dhonielle start it? CAKE Literary is a boutique book packager with a decidedly diverse bent. We come up with fun, high concept, page-turnery ideas with a strong, organic layer of diversity built in, define and outline the “package,” find an #ownvoices writer to work with us on the story, then take it to publishers. The idea is […]


GUEST POST: Sona Charaipotra on Writing Collaboration

On Collaboration: Finding My Partner in Crime–And CAKE! People often ask what my favorite thing about the publishing experience has been. I always tell them that it’s the expression on my husband Navdeep’s face when he opened his hardcover copy of Tiny Pretty Things and discovered the book was dedicated to him. And here’s the thing: I can’t even take credit it for it. It was all my writing partner Dhonielle’s idea. I met Dhonielle […]

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