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PubCrawl Podcast: Author Career – Qualifications

This week JJ and Kelly continue their series on Author Career, this time tackling the question of QUALIFICATIONS. Do you need them to be a writer? (SPOILER: No.) They discuss the pros and cons of getting a degree in writing or literature, pursuing an MFA or another sort of certificate, and answer some listener-submitted questions. Also: is the Rock an Elinor or a Marianne?


PubCrawl Podcast: Author Career – What Is It?

This week Kelly and JJ start a new series about AUTHOR CAREER. What is it? How do you manage it? What do you mean we have to think about it???? They share tips about how to navigate the boundaries between your public and private selves, as well as how to handle criticism. Also, we’re still at a loss for what to include after our main segments, so send us your questions and funny comments and […]

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