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Post-Contract Schedules

There’s a ton of information out there about life pre-contract—how to query an agent, how to revise with critique partners, etc, etc. But life post-contract can be a little harder to research. Recently, we got an email from a reader with a few questions about scheduling after you’ve sold a book. The short answer is: It really varies. Let’s break it down by question! How long do you get to write the first draft and […]


The Best Career Advice I Can Give: Read Your Contract

Contracts are not sexy. I taught a course on publishing contracts at The Loft Literary Center recently–a long-held dream come true–and one of the first things I told my students is that contracts are not sexy. It’s easy to glamorize the publishing industry and the life of a writer. It can seem like an endless swirl of cover reveals and starred reviews and book tours. Even the difficult parts can be romanticized: the struggle to put […]

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A Day in the Life of a Contracts Manager

Real talk: I didn’t start my career with the intention of working in contract management. And yet, here I am. I was an assistant at a literary agency when I first learned how to read a publishing contract. Part of my job was vetting signing copies when they came in from the publisher. I would pull out the draft negotiations, lay them alongside the signing copies, and then go through line by line to make […]


The Great Debate: An Agent and Editor Discuss the Latest in Contract Negotiation

I had a chance to sit down with an editor friend recently to discuss one of the least fun (but most important) parts of the publishing process: the deal/contract negotiation. And lucky for me, Editor agreed to let me share some of that conversation with you here on Pub Crawl. We talked about a number of topics, but the one I’m going to focus on today has to do with three clauses: 1. Competitive Works […]