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Stress less and daydream more: a resolution

My biggest resolution for this year is simple: Stress less, and daydream more. Over the last couple of years, since Incarnate was first tiptoeing into the world with advance copies of other Winter 2012 debuts, my daydreams began to shift. The thought patterns I’d worn deep over years suddenly began to carve a new path. Instead of spending car rides looking out the window (in the passenger seat!) thinking about my characters and imagining their […]


The Creative Cousins of Writing

I have a little stack of DVDs and art books on my writing desk, right next to my pile of novels. There are always at least five browser tabs open at any given time. Pinterest, DeviantArt, and 500px.com are usually three of those five. This is great evidence, by the way, of my scatterbrained nature. Let’s say I’m having a bad writing day—in desperation, I’m probably going to leave my writing and surf Pinterest, or […]


The Evolution of Process

I have a writing process. At least, I thought I had a writing process. Here’s what it entailed: Wake up. Because it’s helpful to be awake when writing one’s novel. Write in the mornings. Write only on the computer. Write a first draft all the way through, pantsed and messy and full of continuity errors, and then roll up the sleeves during the revisions. Listen to soundtracks or rain tracks while writing. Stop at around […]


Write what you know love

We’ve all heard the old adage, “Write what you know.” I’m not here today to debate this advice. In fact, I agree with it to the extent that I believe it is helpful to ground the emotions and feelings of your characters in emotions and feelings you know well, even if your characters’ experiences vary widely from your own. But the wisdom of “Write what you know” isn’t what I want to discuss today. I […]


Some creative philosophies are universal

Having spent my college and then pre-publication years studying and practicing web design, I’ve been answering a certain question a lot these last few weeks: Did being a designer change and/or shape how you write? This question has popped up in multiple interviews, and at signing events, and while I’ve answered it in those various instances, I’ve never talked about it here, on Pub Crawl. And I’d like to, because I find the topic incredibly […]