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A Conversation Between Critique Partners: In Defense of Sharing Ideas & Stories

So, by now it’s no secret that Sooz and I are CPs—and that we have a pretty darn successful partnership. In the past, we’ve co-written posts about how our CPship helps us Maintain Passion For A Story, World-Build, and How We Generally Operate As CPs. Today, however, we thought we’d answer one of the questions that we get asked somewhat often by other writers regarding our CPing & writing processes: I’ve heard from other authors […]


A Conversation between Critique Partners: Maintaining Passion for a Story

So last week, Sarah J. Maas wrote a post about world-building (that I chimed in on). As she mentioned, we talk A LOT during drafting, and our methods of creation are—at least in some ways—very similar. One thing we both agree on is this idea of a magical source of inspiration (i.e. daemon, genius, muse, collective unconscious, God, etc.). Is it really magical? That’s up to you to decide, but there’s undeniably something incredible at […]


A Conversation Between Critique Partners: World Building

So, thanks to the success of our first glimpse into our super-epic critique partnership, we thought it would be fun to continue sharing some of the stuff that makes our CP relationship work so well. We’re both currently in the middle of drafting fantasy WIPS (I am working on Throne of Glass Book 3; Sooz is working on a Super Secret & Super Amazing project), and have been talking A LOT in recent weeks about […]


A Conversation Between Critique Partners… And A Giveaway!

Two of the questions we get asked fairly often by Pub Crawl readers are: 1) How did we find our critique partners? And 2) What does critiquing actually entail? Though it’s no secret that we (Sarah and Sooz) are critique partners, we don’t usually go behind the scenes that much. (Quick answer to question #1: We found each other because we were already friends via Let The Words Flow (now Pub Crawl!), and decided to […]


Finding a Critique Partner: insights and an opportunity to start your search NOW!

Critique partners. They are such an important resource for any writer. A sounding board. An honest opinion. A critical eye. I’ve seen many writers make the analogy that finding the right critique partner is a lot like dating. You have to go on a lot of dates before you find The One. If you’re on the hunt for a critique partner, chances are you want one who writes the same genre as you (YA vs […]