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Critique Partner Connection — Time to Meet Your Match!

Critique Partner Connection 1. Have chemistry Stacey: Stephanie and I met through Pitch Wars, Brenda Drake’s annual contest connecting writers with agents (and if you’re looking for an agent, we highly recommend this particular contest, which is in its 5th year.) We were both mentors. Stephanie was receiving all the pitches, and I remember thinking, who is this girl? And when we started emailing more regularly, and then meeting up in person, it was pretty clear […]


When It Gets Crowded in the Revision Cave

Recently a friend asked me whether she should address the concerns of a beta reader who had clearly missed something in her novel that everyone else got. This started me thinking about the challenges in revising a story when you’ve received critiques from many different people, particularly when their comments contradict each other. We’ve talked a lot at Publishing Crawl about revising your novel on your own and with editorial letters, but what about earlier in the process — maybe before […]


Win critiques, books, and a 10-minute phone call with an agent!

Hi everyone! In case you  missed hearing about the #YARunsA5K, I wanted to share all the details here. 🙂 There is a LOT to be won (agent critiques, a Kindle, signed books, ARCs, and more! See the whole list here), and a lot of Pub(lishing) Crawlers are contributing to the giveaways (or running in our actual race!). So what is #YARunsA5K?It’s an effort to promote reading, to provide books for kids in low income families, […]